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About Instagon, The Satan Sessions & Deamon Rock

The project "Instagon" began in 1993 in Orange County, California. Instagon has since progressed into quite possibly the most unique and well documented audio experiment in the history of modern music. Combining factors of improvisation and chaos theory, Instagon never performs with the same band members together for any one ensemble. This means that various players might play over and over again, but each grouping they are playing in will never be the same members. Since starting this open ended conceptual project, Instagon has played over 500 shows, and had well over 525 members, and continues to play regularly as a band on the scene....even though there is only one consistent band member, LOB.

In 2005, Lob and Instagon moved to the Sacramento region of California and began immediately to infect the local musical community with it's special blended virus of improvisation and fun. Since arriving, Instagon has been featured on local Public Access TV, performed numerous shows, had featured articles in both the Sacramento Bee, and the Sacramento News & Review, and in 2008 was Nominated for a Sacramento Area Music Award (SAMMIES)

In the late summer of 2007, Instagon was booked to record in the legendary Studio A at KDVS Radio in Davis,CA. Long time player and constant member of the Instagon experience in Southern California, Cary Pealer, was called and asked to come north for a recording session. He arrived for the session wearing a T shirt that read "Smile, Satan Loves You!". Satan became a re-occurring theme throughout the weekend of this session and thus it was dubbed "Thee Satan Sessions". Instagon were in Studio A for 3 hours and recorded around 90 minutes worth of stuff. DEAMON ROCK is result of this session. DEAMON ROCK was mixed and edited by Lob for Thee Instagon Foundation and Auricular Records. It was mastered using Adobe Audition from the original recordings engineered by Ben Johnson at KDVS. Deamon Rock is the 1st studio recorded release from Instagon in over 10 years. This session was documented as Instagon #453, September 8, 2007.

Players for Instagon #453 were:

Lob - lead bass, vocals | Cary Pealer - drums | Dr. Oblivious - keyboards
Chad E. Williams - guitar | Dex Lopaz - guitar | Peek - whistles, bells, juice harp, vocals | Dolores Zombory - poems, vocals